Afarin Kids TV

Afarin TV Channel is a kids channel that is dedicated to making learning fun & Islamic cartoon for Kurdish kids We also provide an integrated educational content and targeted includes all what Kurd families are looking for their children educational, entertainment and religious programs through which the channel works to consolidate the Islamic principles in the hearts of children from their young in addition to teaching them to take advantage of modern technology and inform them of all that is New in its world of applications and more.

ئافەرین تیڤی کەناڵێکی پەروەردەیی خۆشی بەخشە کە کاردەکات بۆ پێشکەشکردنی بەرهەمی فێرکاری و پەروەردەیی و ئاینی خۆشی بەخش بە منداڵی کورد

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